part two
It's a race up and back the lake
The Jousters are off to a slow start
It's a steady run but will it be enough
Ooh! Smoke and a time of 2:10
The Cops are also taking it easy
They're gaining a bit more speed
A late burst rolls up a time of 2:27
Not good. The Jousters are limping
The chain is off and they're taking
on water. This run is DQed
This time the Cops are giving it
the gas and are planing
Oh! He didn't slow for the corner
and almost capsized the boat
The rudder bent over and he zig-zagged
back to the start in 3:49
The blue smoke persists and the Jousters
go up the course but...
on the return run, the chain snaps and 
they are out but still have the best time
The Cops have everything to play for
and go great guns up the course
They take the corner nicely and 
are planing back down the course
They cross the finish line in a cloud
of mist and a time of 1:37