Fire Engines

Returning to the scrapheap are Hot Property, the estate salesmen who had no scrapheap ability (Ice Racers), and Rockin' Rabble, a group of 50s loving hipsters (Amphibious Motorcycles). Their task is to build a fire engine capable of extinguishing an inferno. There are three trials facing the teams. First, they will have to navigate a slalom course then rescue a kitten and deliver it back to Lisa at the start line. The next challenge is to race up the course and put out a barbecue fire at the baker's house. Finally, both teams have to rush up the course and put out the bakery. All are timed trials and is a best two-out-of-three match.

Hot Property, who have since taken a course or two in welding and fabrication, are going with a standard fire engine design. A small van will provide them with plenty of speed. They want to have two hoses...a smaller one out the back and a rotating, fixed hose (called a monitor) on the roof. The challenge will be in their size. A smaller, lighter design will make them fast but they may end up having to refill their tank, costing them valuable minutes.

Rockin' Rabble are also thinking of a normal fire engine. They will use a big van with a huge water tank. Finding a large van won't be a problem but it's likely to be slow, especially when weighed down by a full tonne of water. The proper pump attached to their single hose will most likely put out any fire they face in double-quick time but a slow vehicle will work against them. To seal the deal, they will also be adding some sort of foaming agent which will help smother the fire.

Hot Property expert
Kevin Sedgwick
Rockin' Rabble expert
Mike Madsen
Hot Property's small fire engine
Rockin' Rabble's mega machine
Rockin' Rabble have found one of 2
tanks they'll need for water storage
Hot Property have found a sporty
little number in this ambulance
If they can get it going, this large
touring van will do the trick
Rockin' Rabble are re-using this
motorbike from the AmphiBike build
This week's judge is
Maurice Newbolt
Hot Property have nabbed this manure
spreading pump from the Rabble
To lighten their load, the Rabble
are taking their top off
For lack of a better pump, the Rabble
will use this jet-ski impeller
To power their pump, Hot Property
are using a 4 cylinder car engine
With plenty of time to spare, Hot
Property test their fire fighting skills
Rockin' Rabble's Flame Retarder
Hot Property's Fire Snuffer
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