Fire Engines
part two
Hot Property are first and they
race around the town pond
Up the ladder, provided by SC, to
rescue the poor (stuffed) kitty
They cross the finish line and
hand over the cat in 2m:16s
Rockin' Rabble are more cautious
to start their first run
Oops! They backed right into the
baker's house to get the cat
Lisa has her kitten in hand in a
winning time of 1m:38s
Rockin' Rabble start their second
run, loaded with water this time
Their approach to the BBQ fire is
also somewhat gingerly done
An unfortunate trickle of water gives
them a respectable time of 1m:10s
Robert signals Hot Property to save 
the sausages from certain charring
Even with a full load of water, they
are going great guns up the course
A blast of water and a cloud of steam
ends this conflagration in 39.5s
The teams race to the bakeries
in the final race for glory
Hot Property's pump has sprung a
leak but they're giving it their all
That impeller isn't working well and
they still only manage a trickle
Hot Property are at the pond 
to fill their tank and fix the leak
It's all men to the buckets as the teams
do what they can to get the fires out
The Rabble have given up and it's
Hot Property through to the final!