Backpack Car
part two
Down the hill, through the woods
and down the straight to Lisa's
Campsite we go...
The Ging Gang Goolies are
first to tackle the hill
That steering is very wobbly and
they've lost engine power!
The Goolies have coasted
to a time of 35.72 seconds
It's time for the Muck Spreaders
to have a go at the hill
They are definately flying
down the hill at a great speed
It was fast indeed with a
time of 28 seconds
The teams race to take their cars
apart at the start of the 2nd leg
The Spreaders get it disassembled
first and are off through the woods
They have a tremendous head start
on the Goolies who are lagging
The Goolies are just getting started
through the woods...that's not good
The Goolies finish in 7:41 and the
Spreaders roll up a time of 4:09
It all comes down to the final race
The Spreaders are off first
But their transmission fails them
and they work to fix it
This is just the break the Goolies
needed and they might catch up
The Spreaders resort to foot
power and cross the finish line
The Goolies cross but the judges have
decided that foot power is a no-no
and DQ the Spreaders. Goolies win!