Backpack Car
In this show, teams must build a car that can carry all four team members around a three-stage course. Simple right? Well ,the catch is that the entire car must be able to fit inside of four backpacks. In the first part of the course, the teams must drive down a slight slope that narrows. In the second, the road is blocked and the teams must disassemble their cars, pack them away, put the backpacks on and run through an obstacle course. The third part involves a straight race to the finish line. The team with the fastest total time over the three courses wins.

The Ging Gang Goolies are big lads who will need a chunky frame for their car. By making it cross-shaped, they will easily seat three while the fourth man will have to sit on the engine. A four-wheel design, plus their weight will require a large engine (but not so large it can't fit into a backpack) so this may be a heavy vehicle. Heavy could very well equal slow which is not good in a timed race.

The Muck Spreaders are keeping their weight in check. A three-wheeled car that they can stand on would be much smaller and lighter. They also want to use a small engine that will be raised and lowered on a pivot to engage a belt drive. Again, they could also face problems if their engine is under powered plus standing up could make cornering at any speed a risky maneuver.

Ging Gang Goolies
cwise fr top lt; Capt Bob, Brian,
Tony and expert Martin Delo
Muck Spreaders
cwise fr top lt; Capt Pentti, Chunk,
Tricky and expert Nick Bell
The Goolies' 4 wheeler
The Muck Spreaders' Trike
The Spreaders get an engine but they
feel it's too big for the rucksack
With no engine, the Goolies
get on with making their frame
The Goolies find one of many
tires that both teams will need
This engine will fit but it revs too fast.
To make the wheels turn slower, the
engine runs a belt which goes to a
reducing gear on the transmission
The teams decide to trade
wheels for an engine
The transmission from this scooter
will make its way to the trike
This weeks judge
Vince Ross
To make the transmission and motor
work, they have to cutom make a
sprocket for proper gearing
To gear their engine down, the Goolies
have found a massive sprocket
The Spreaders get all fancy and
install a floorboard for comfort
The Spreaders 3-Wheeled Wonder
The Goolies 4-Wheeled Flyer
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