Bomb Disposers

This delicate task is actually more than "just" bomb disposal. The teams will have to build a machine that can take on three tasks. The first is to cut through an "electrified" fence from 5 yards away which leads them to 5 buckets of "toxic waste". The teams will have 5 minutes to move as much of the "toxic waste" into the safety barrels as they can. The final task is to move bombs from the floor, into a cradle and then remove the firing pin. They have to be gentle as the bombs are rigged to explode if they are jostled too much. The bombs are pyrotechnics inside of a canister, which provides some noise and flash...not a real explosion.
The Cops and Bodgers are going for a giant "master/slave system." On the back of a van they will build a huge arm with a grabber on the end. With a complicated system of wires, pulleys and flexible joints, the giant arm and grabber will function like your own hand and arm. They won't have to over-think how to grab something...they can just do it. The major downfall will be building it strong enough and not getting strung up in the cables.

Over the wall, the Men in White are going hi-tech with an ROV (remotely operated vehicle). Two battery powered cars will be linked to one another by an umbilical cord of wires and hoses. The car at the rear will control the other one with a console of levers and switches. The other machine will do the jobs with a hydraulic arm and grabber. It might be tough finding all of the hydraulics, not to mention the abysmal failure of hydraulic machines in the past.

Men in White
cwise fr top lt; Capt Graham, Joe,
Daren and Expert Kevin Hunt
Cops and Bodgers
cwise fr top lt; Capt Big Andy, Andy,
Les and Expert Henk Ultman
The Men in White's ROV
The Cops and Bodgers big arm
Once stripped, this van will
make a good arm base
A pair of these mobility scooters will
become the ROV parent-child
Believe it or not, aluminum ladders
will be use for building the various
arm structures
A pair of hydraulic rams will power
the grabber. One will open and close
it, the other will raise and lower
The Cops and Bodgers get on
with getting their arm together
Helping out today is
Shawn Whitehead
If you're gonna have hydraulics,
you're gonna need a pump
A modified bike brake will form
an end effecter (a grabber)
To make the toxic goo buckets lighter,
3 windscreen washer pumps 
will be put to work
For their end effecter, the Men in
White are using some bits of steel
and bicycle tires for grabbing
Hurry boys! Not much time left to
make some of those adjustments
The cables get strung in the dying
moments of the build day
The Cops and Bodgers Bomb Arm
The Men in White's ROV
The first task is to get by this
"electrified fence"
The Cops and Bodgers steam
through the wires
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