Bomb Disposers
part two
The knife on the ROV isn't
working very well
However, by cutting up, the wires are
essentially cutting themselves 
The scissors get stuck and the
Men in White catch up
Not fast enough! The Cops and
Bodgers are through their final wire
Task 2 is a 5 minute race to
move toxic gunge into tanks
The Men in White changed their
"hand" to better grab the buckets
The windscreen pumps are working
well but not well enough
Men in white have 2 whole
buckets into their tank
The Cops and Bodgers dump
in a bucket too
Oh! They have major spillage on
the last of their 5 buckets
The Men in White drop in the
last of their 5 buckets for the win
Task 3 is to move a bomb into
the rack and pull the pin diffusing it
The Men in White are first up and
place bomb 1 in the rack
Ooh! It exploded when the jostled it
trying to get it free of their arm
Bomb 2 exploded on the way up
Same fate for Bomb 3. No score
On their first try, the Cops and Bodgers
smoothly get a hold of their bomb
Jostling it too much causes their
bomb to explode in mid-air
A dropped bomb on try #2 means
they have to get it on this try
It's in the rack! All they have to
do it pull the pin and...victory!
They got the pin out just before it
exploded giving them the win!