Amphibious Motorcycles
part two
In the slalom, the Rabble are up first
It's a bit awkward but not too bad
And they finish in 17 seconds!
The Decker's need some help off the line
That bike/boat is very unstable
With lots of help (and penalties) they
clock in with a time of 2m:15s
The Decker's go first
on the water course
The front rudder isn't working well
and they take the first turn very wide
They paddle back to the start with
a respectable 3m:58s
The Rabble roar off the start
toward the first buoy
They are making this look very
easy compared to the Deckers
The team greets Gordon and his
winning time of 2m:47s
Both teams start the final race
Oh! Sounds the horns! Collision!
The Rabble have a commanding lead
The Deckers try to restart their
engine as the Rabble pass them
It's on shore for the Rabble who
roll to their third win of the day
The Deckers' boat, unfortunately,
has capsized and score a DNF.