Amphibious Motorcycles

Teams in this episode will want to avoid going to Davy Jones' locker as they are commissioned to build motorcycles that will function on both land and on water. The cycles will have to face three trials. In the first, the agility of the motorbikes will be tested as they travel around a land-based slalom course. The second trial starts and ends on the water as they must make a loop around two buoys. Finally, they start on land near the water, go around the buoys then it's back to dry land for a sprint to the finish line. The first two races are worth one point and the final is worth two points. If the teams are tied, they will compete in a tie break.

The Rockin' Rabble want to make a motorcycle float. By attaching oil drums to their motorcycle and a propeller off of the rear wheel, they will have a light and some-what easy to maneuver craft. However, if they don't get their flotation balanced as best they can, it will be up to the driver to keep it balanced. They are also going to have to contend with the very un-streamlined shape of this design.

The Double Deckers are going to make a boat act like a motorcycle. By cutting a hole in the bottom of a boat and sticking the motorcycle through the hole, they will have their flotation easily solved. For a drive system, they will make a small paddle wheel at the back driven by a chain off of the rear tire. The boat will likely be fiberglass and it's difficult to weld metal to fiberglass. Not to mention a giant hole in the bottom of the boat!
Rockin' Rabble
cwise fr top lt; Capt Geoff, Trev,
Phil & expert Mike Ryan
Double Deckers
cwise fr top lt; Capt Jason, Jonny,
Owen & expert Gordon Hanney
The Rockin Rabble's
buoyant bike design
The Double Deckers'
biker boat design
Both teams have their bikes
and are steaming ahead
This sealed hull boat should work
well for the Double Deckers
To patch some holes in the hull, some
bus sheet metal will work wonders
If they can get this pesky prop,
it will meet their needs rather well
Judge Richard Fincher
The engine spins fast which is bad for
the paddle so they need to gear it down
For the Rabble, a motorcycle drive
shaft will spin their prop nicely
To weld a frame to the boat, a series
of straps were bolted to the boat
To keep their bike better balanced, they
have cut the top 3rd off the barrels
The Deckers' are filling their boat
with foam for added buoyancy
That's a nice looking rudder which the
Rabble need for steering on water
These paddles will power them
through the water with perfection
The Deckers, however, have attached
a rudder to the front's very
unconventional to say the least
The Rabble have sealed the tops of the
barrels but are filling them with styrofoam
block for added buoyancy too
The Deckers' Kawasinki
The Rabble's Honda Waterwing

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