Mud Monsters

The teams will have to build a buggy that can race around, on and through 3 different muddy bogs. The first is a 50m sprint. The second is a winding/twisting track. The third is a straight track 150m long with a deep water portion to navigate. The team that wins two races wins a pass into the next round.

The Munch Bunch, a brood of bodging bikers, are going for a big monster with tracks. The tracks will give them a lot of traction and a powerful V8 will power them along. The trick will be in the tracks...if either track should fly off during a race, they will most likely be unable to finish that race. It's also a tricky piece of kit to build...and drive.

Fearless farmers The Barley Pickers are going with a traditional design. Professional mud racers have tall, thin tires that sink through the mud and get traction on the hard earth under the mud. They will use a four-wheel drive engine to provide power to each of the 4 wheels. The trickiest piece of this design is the TCs suggestion of 4 wheel steering. The rear tires will turn opposite to the front ones which will give them extreme manouverability but it is super-complicalted to build from scratch.
The Munch Bunch
l to r; Andy, Capt. Munch & Nada
inset; TC Richard 
The Barley Pickers
l to r; Capt. Andy, Keith & Robin
inset; TC Toby Cox
The Munch Bunch's half-track
The Barley Pickers' traditional design
The large saloon will give up it's
massive engine
A set of 4 thin tractor tires are
ideal for the Pickers
The plan is to cut this tire down and
use it for the tracks of their monster
A small inferno can't harm that
big engine...can it?
Expert Diana Andrews
Unable to find a 4WD, the Pickers will
make their own using gears, chains and
drive shafts
This V6 should make for a suitable
adptation from 2WD to 4WD
Captain Andy was too hasty in cutting
new bolt holes and ruined this hub
A set of flanges should help keep
the track on the wheels
Robert presents the team with a
safety seat

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