Mud Monsters
part two
The Munch Bunch's Mud Monster
The Barley Picker's Mud Monster
They must run through three
different, yet muddy, tracks
The Bunch roar over the
Sticky Straits
Their tracks work a treat and they
post a time of 12 seconds
It's the Pickers turn and they're
smokin' this track
The four wheel stering proves tricky
but they posted a 9 second time
Through the Mud Boggers Mire it's
twisty and turny...and mucky!
The Pickers have mastered 4 wheel
steering and put up a 48 second run
To steer the rear, they brake on one
side and skid in the opposite way
They cross the finish line with a
blistering time of 37 seconds
The Swampy Slalom proves tricky
The Pickers get stuck and their run
is 30 seconds
The Bunch's start like wildfire and
are on track to smash the other time
They get stuck and throw their track.
It's a win to the Barley Pickers!