part two
The Krazy Karters' Kraft
The Martial Mechanics' Mover
The first track is a straight run
The Mechanics power up and zoom...
...to a time of 26 seconds
The Karters get off to a shaky start...
...and roll up a time of 18 seconds!
The 2nd Track
Oh! A crash...they get to start over
but incur a 30 second penalty
They take it easy and finish in a time
of 45 seconds for a total of 1:57
The Karters are off to a flying start!
Their time is 51 seconds (total 1:09)
This is tricky, going around obstacles
on water
The Karters are zooming along
like gangbusters
However, a headwind catches them
and it takes 2:20. Total time is 3:29
The Mechanics are fairing better
with that boat design. Their time is...
1:02 for a total of 2:59! They win!!