Following in the steps of the original show that started this phenomenon the teams (Martial Mechanics and Krazy Karters) are building hovercrafts. The hovercraft must seat one person and they will be manoeuvring through three "tracks". The first is a straight track over-land. The second is an up-and-back starting on land, moving across water, making a turn on land then back across the water to the finish line. The third is a triangle that starts on land and is mostly on water, again finishing on land. The team with the fastest accumulated time, advances in the tournament.
The Krazy Karters are going for a two-engine design. One engine in the front will blow air under their segmented skirt to lift them off of the ground and one in the rear will provide thrust. The body will be built of wood and styrofoam in a block-like platform. They only have a couple of problems. First is finding 2 small engines that work. Second will be in making their skirt. The "pleated" design will keep them afloat if it tears but will take much longer to implement.

The Martial Mechanics will stick with a normal design with one engine. The one engine design utilizes a special duct that will direct 2/3 of the air down and under the hovercraft and 1/3 out the back for thrust. Their skirt will be a simple box skirt and the platform is going to be a fancy boat-hull shape. The duct design is slightly complex but not too bad. The simple design skirt will take no time to knock together. The boat-hull shape? It'll help on water but will take a while to build.

The Krazy Karters
l to r; John, Capt. Mark & Craig
inset; TC John Gifford
The Martial Mechanics
l to r; Dave, Capt. Jemma & Jason
inset; TC Bill Baker
The Krazy Karters dual-engine
The Martial Mechanics dual-purpose
engine design
A microlite? Well, the engine anyway
is perfect
Want to get into a transit? Just
punch the window out
Jemma is a tad frustrated...so she
breaks a board
The Karters put their hovercraft
hull together
The complicated boat-hull design
of the Mechanics
Expert Anne Scrimshaw
(nee Saunders)
Another reminder to an earlier series.
Remember the tea drinking vicars,
Three Revs A Minute?
By blowing the air through this segment,
it will reduce drag and make it puncture
The lift fan goes in
Some skirting material turns up
a little late in the day
The Mechanics set their fan in
Who doesn't enjoy some last-minute
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