Golfball Gatling Gun

Attenion on deck...this time the Boat Buoys want to make a clean sweep of The Cleansweeps in a race to build a powerful, and accurate, gun that can fire golfballs as quickly as possible. There will be two tests, one will be for speed and accuracy as they shoot a volley of balls at a moving target that collects the balls that go into the target. The second will be to fire balls at another moving target  made of 49 tiles to test the force of the shots. In the event of a tie between these events, the team with the fastest moving balls is declaed the winner.

The Boat Boys want to build a truck that utilises a motor to spin two wheels. With the wheels spinning and the balls falling down a chute from a hopper they will get flung out from the friction of the wheels gripping their balls. However, they have to make sure that the wheels spin in opposite directions. They will also have to mind the gap...between the wheels that is. If the gap is too wide, the balls won't be gripped by the wheels and they will merely plop out the end of the barrel.

The Cleansweeps are going for a whacking gun. A small motor will spin a golf club around which will fire the balls at the targets like a golfer. They are going to have to make sure to get everything right. The balls will have to drop onto some sort of tee to be hit off of. Also, the timing will be crucial so that the club whacks a ball off when the club face is there, otherwise the whole system will get jammed up royally.
The Boat Buoys
clockwise; Capt Toby, Monty, Jonny
TC Tod Todeschini
The Cleansweeps
clockwise; Capt Kenny, Dale, Chris
TC Mike Bretton
The Boat Buoys' dual wheeled
golfball gun
The Cleansweeps' golfball whacker
This pickup should suit the Boat
Buoys just fine
This transit is just the ticket for
the Cleansweeps
A moped motor should spin their
wheels, provided they find one
This is Mr Bongo, good luck charm
for The Boat Buoys
Will this mower pass muster?
Expert Mike Bretton
The golfball whacking device
is coming together
After some looking around, this pipe
should be a good barrel for the Buoys
Uh oh...the mower's drive shaft has a
nasty wobble. Too late to change it
A non-powered whacker test
works very well
The white streak is a non-powered
ball getting whacked

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