Golfball Gatling Gun
part two
The Cleansweeps Titelist Thwacker
The Boat Buoys Slazinger Shooter
The Cleansweeps are ready, after
some engine trouble
The wacker gets up to speed and
flings 'em across to the target
Their aim isn't very good, as this one
bounces off the side of the target
They have to restart a couple of times
but score 17 balls at 89mph
The Boat Buoys get into position
They are blasting them into the target
They are peppering them in to
score 43 balls at only 60mph
Their engine dead, they're using a
drill to power the flicker
They break a few tiles at the start
Another one bites the dust!
43 tiles busted at 94mph! Even faster
than the engine. The Buoys must break
more tiles to win
The Buoys are off to a smashing start
blasting the tiles to smithereens
They're taking them out
That's the last tile needed to win!
The Boat Buoys advance