part two
Design Plan #675 adds yet another
weapon to the plan
The pincer gets attached but will that
fibreglass hold all that weight?
Ooh...looks deadly!
So does this!
The Boat Buoys Ballistic Barge
The Barley Pickers Ripping Runabout
The final course for the series
And they're off!
Both teams are showing great speed
The Boat Buoys are through the
Harbour Walls first
But the Barley Pickers aren't
too far behind them
The Barley Pickers make short work
of their tower and head for the ship
The winch works but it
took a long time
The Barley Pickers are stuck
but it's working
That ram bounces off at first but it's
piercing the hull now
The Barley Pickers have their boat
sitting very low in the water
They set of their flare first, with the
Boat Buoys not far behind
Your Series Five champs,
the Barley Pickers