In the final, it's the imposing Barley Pickers facing off against the formidable Boat Buoys. In their final build, they must construct a boat which will lay siege upon many floating targets. Their boat will have to maneuver it's way around a course and destroy three objects along the way. They must first destroy the 'harbour gates' then pilot their boat around an island back to what's left of the gates to knock down one of the two support towers. Then it's off to sink the enemy (well, one boat anyway) and then race to the island. The first team to get to the island and release a flare is the champion for the series.

The Boat Buoys are building...they're's gonna be a boat. Their basic design is a pontoon boat with a swinging ram at the front for piercing the other boat and something at the rear for knocking things over. They will also incorporate a winch to pull things over and two claws at the front to hold onto whatever they might be smashing to bits. OK, based on my hemming and hawing, I think you can tell that their problem is going to be settling on a design and building it.

The Barley Pickers know what they want. A fibreglass boat will float them along and at the front will be a hydraulic pincer. The jaws will open and close, allowing them to rip into (or punch through) obstacles.  For power, a big diesel engine will be mated to the jet drive from a seadoo for maximum power. However, attaching big, chunky metal bits to fibreglass is not going to be easy...especially when you consider how much weight will be resting on the boat. Hydraulics have worked once before for this team...will they continue to work?
Barley Pickers TC
Sim Oakley
Boat Buoys TC
Peter Hillman
The first design of the Boat Buoys
The Barley Pickers destroyer
This boat is good but will it float
their heavy plan?
The 2nd Boat Buoy design
has three pontoons
One of three pontoons they'll use.
It's sealed which should make it
quicker to build
Unfortunately, the design is so heavy
that it takes all 8 team members to
move this one piece
Expert Paul Mara
The 3 massive pontoons are in
3 outboard engines will power
the Boat Buoys along
The Barley Pickers are getting more
hydraulic rams from this truck
A deadly, pointy pincer prong
Pontoon Patching...perfection!
This winch will make one of a number
weapons on the barge
The jet drive gets installed
A claw to hold onto their prey
Hopefully, hydraulics won't
fail this team

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