Clockwork Cars
part two
The Jailbreakers' Rubber band Racer
The Young Ones' Washer Wizzer
The first race is a distance race...on
one charge only
The racers charge their engines at
the start line
The Jailbreakers travel a paltry
16 meters
The Young Ones managed 36 meters
from their single charge
This time, it's a winding obstacle course
with penalties for knocking things over
The Young Ones navigate it well in a
time of 3:16 with no penalties
The Jailbreakers navigate a gate
with great ease
They also incurred no penalties but
a time of 3:18 isn't enough
The final is a 400m dash
The teams are stopped but the
Jailbreakers' recharge first
The Young Ones have overtaken
the Jailbreakers
It's a blow out lead for the Young
The Jailbreakers concede defeat,
opting for a pushing finish
The Young Ones finish and advance
in the tournament