Clockwork Cars

It's a battle certain to get the teams wound-up! The Jailbreakers and The Young Ones must build a vehicle without an engine. They will have to devise a way to store power and then release it to shoot them down the race track. There will be three races with the first two worth one point and the final race worth two (no mention of what happens in the event of a tie). The first race is a "drag race" to see who can get the farthest on one charge of their power source. The next race is a timed race down an obstacle course (with as many recharges as necessary). Finally, it's a 400m race around an oval track with the first one crossing the finish line the winner.

The Jailbreakers are using a rubber solution. One teammate will peddle a bicycle backwards to stretch a giant rubber band which will release it's energy by turning the peddles forward (in the normal bicycle fashion). As the rubber band stretches back to it's original form, the cycle will go forward. However, getting either a rubber band or piece of rubber big and elastic-y enough could be a problem. Another potential problem will be in getting the gearing right (transferring the power to the peddles).

The Young Ones (the youngest team on any version of the show) are making a kinetically powered machine, also known as a fly wheel. They will spin a weighted washing machine drum to a great speed, they will engage the spinning drum into a position where it will catch a chain and drive the bike forward. They will have to get the weighting even or it might wobble itself apart and the business of getting the fast spinning drum (2,000 rpm or more!) to engage a chain to power the bike could be tricky.

The Jailbreakers
cwise fr top lt; Capt Mick, Andy, Steve
TC Nick Green
The Young Ones
cwise fr top lt; Capt Tom, Jon, Rich
TC Clive Sleath
The Jailbreakers' want to use wound-up
rubber as a power source
The Young Ones are going with a weighted
washing machine drum for juice
The washer drum should do the trick
A bicycle is a start for the Jailbreakers
Early in the day and their flywheel
is basically finished
Expert John Hutchinson
The Jailbreakers have loads of rubber
to untangle for their bike
These rollers will wind the rubber up,
and release the power inside
The Young Ones work out their
clutch/transmission system
By tightening a belt, the drum will
rub against it and turn the wheel
Rubber untangled, they now have to
work out proper lengths...
...and the proper amount of rubber
to use for enough pinging power
A bad weld snapped the bike
in two
A minor adjustment with a
grinder will fix anything!
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