Part Two
The McCarknow Clan's Snowmobile
The Elli-vator's Snowmobile
Sparing no expense, this challenge
will take place in the Swiss Alps
The snowmobiles must navigate
this course
The Elli-vators have encountered a
problem before they even get to the
starting line. An extension for their
chain drive snapped off.
The McCarknow's are off to a
roaring start...before coming to
a dead stop
Their chain slipped right off!
Total distance, 70 feet in 4 minutes
They're off again!
All that pushing tired the boys out
Now they've travelled 123 feet
in 6 minutes. One more start to go
It's all over for them. In 10 minutes
they travelled 273 feet.
The Elli-vators are repaired...
...and their expert is rarin' to go
It's a blazing start...
...that ends 9 feet from the starting line
They try again after repairing their
And again, the chain comes off.
Last chace to catch up boys
But it just digs itself into the snow
The judge says the final score is
273 for the McCarknows and 94 feet
for the Elli-vators