In this, the final build before the semi-finals, the Elli-vators will try and freeze out The McCarknow Clan to see who can build the better snowmobile. The course is 300 metres in diameter complete with slalom and an incline. Each team will have 10 minutes and 2 starts to see who can complete the most laps. A "start" is defined as re-starting the machine after it has stopped for any reason.
The McCarknow Clan are going to build a traditional...well, traditional by Scrapheap & track snowmobile. They'll need a light engine and a good, soild front ski. Something to make a track is necessary as well. Their track will have to be large enough to distribute the weight of their machine over the snow, otherwise it will sink.  Keeping the weight down will be key.

The Elli-vators are abandoning convention. They will also use a light-weight motorbike but have 2 skis at the front with the suspension from a small car. However, in the back they're going to use an oil-drum for the rear drive. Weight will also be an issue but their untested design could be a problem as well.

The McCarknow Clan
l to r; Colin, Captain Stephen & David
inset; expert David Patterson
The Elli-vators
l to r; Salih, Captain Ellis & Roger
inset; expert Micke Nordstrom
The McCarknow Clan's traditional
track-driven snowmobile
The Elli-vators want to build a drum
powered snowmobile
Within a half-hour, the Elli-vators
have a working motorcycle!
The McCarknow Clan must find a
working engine soon
But first they need to get their buggy
Unable to find an oil drum, the Elli-vators
will use a washing machine drum for
their rear-drive
Finally, the McCarknow's find a huge
motorcycle engine
Fortunately, the wheel fits inside the
washer drum
Today, it's Judge Jerry Bassett
This is what a proper snowmobile
tread should look like
This is what the McCarknow's
tread looks like
This bumper from a BMW will make
a pair of excellent skis for the Ellis
A little cut, a little dance...
This is the Elli-vators super fancy
front suspension
Isn't there a song about it never
raining in Southern California?
The McCarknow's weld their track
assembly together
Hopefully, this will be a real cut above
the rest
You gotta have a safety cage, lest
your track implodes
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