Monster Trucks

The British Abominable Snowmen will face the American Mulewrights in a car-crushing, bone-crunching destructathon this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!...ahem. Sorry, I got carried away. The teams must build a monster truck to navigate a S-shaped course with bumps and a row of crushed cars they must drive over. The team with the fastest time in three runs will advance in the tournament.

There isn't much room for design deviation. Each team will need big tires to climb over the hills and cars, strong axles that won't break, a super sturdy chassis that won't break under the strain of going over the cars and a very powerful engine to move their gigantic beasts.

The Abominable Snowmen
l to r; Rod, Scooby & Captain Paul
inset; expert Tim Barks
The Mulewrights
l to r; Carlos, Captain Ray & Rick
inset; expert Nigel Morris
The Snowmen hope to weld a big
engine, big axels & big tires to a
big chassis
The Mulewrights want to make a
light-weight chassis themselves.
A lighter truck is advantageous
This tall ,thin tire isn't what the
Mulewrights want
However, these short fat tires are
To increase stability, the Snowmen are
going to put 2 wheels at each corner
The Mulewrights are going to rend
this perfectly good chassis for parts
Our judge, Jim Cramer
This is what both teams need. A big
7.0 litre engine
Mulewright expert Nigel wanders
the scrapheap in search of tubing
Since they don't have enough to make
a chassis, they re-weld their old chassis
back together
This wimpy battery will never start
their dirty big engine
The Snowmen trade one fat wheel
for 2 of the Mulewrights skinny wheels
A tight fit
Robert presents a safety seat
A Mulewright welds the roll cage
The Snowmen are topping their truck
off with a 1/2 ton body
Cathy & Robert talk about the love
of big, noisy trucks
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