Monster Trucks
Part 2
The Abominable Snowmen's
Monster Truck
The Mulewrights' Monster Truck
Cathy enjoys the view from above
The dirt track
The Mulewrights catch some air going
over the first bump
Crush those cars!
It's a time of 49.51s for the
Mulewrights first run
The Snowmen are off to a slow
But pick up speed in the
By almost 3 tenths of a second, the
Snowmen creep into first place
That looks a bit bumpy
Another quick run...
...that's not quite quick enough!
Riding in Trucks with Snowmen
It's a quick trip over the cars
Incredulously, it's a full second slower
The Mulewrights are zooming along
A fast turn, to be sure
Amazing! Almost 10 seconds off the
fastest time!
Catching air over the cars
It's a quick run... it fast enough?
No! A really close race men
Congratulations to the Mulewrights