Storm Force are back to take on the also returning Mulewrights to make it safe for the world to go back to the beach.  The challenge is to build a mine sweeper. Each team will have 10 minutes to clear as many mines as they can from a cordoned off area of beach. The judges will count all destroyed and detonated mines after the ten ninutes. The teams will then tackle another section of beach that contains one giant mine in a head-to-head race to set it off. The team that detonates more mines will get a 5 second per mine head start. (Ie  If Storm Force detonates 15 mines and the Mulewrights detonate 7, Storm Force get a 40 second head start). Lest you think the teams will have to set off real explosives, they will be clearing paint mines.

The Mulewrights are going to build a flail. Sticking off of the back of a huge truck will be a massive truck axle powered by a giant engine. Chunks of box-metal will have chains welded to them which will spin around at great speeds. The flails will rip through the sand and, hopefully, set off the mines. Did you notice a theme running through my second sentence? Right...since they're running on a beach, a heavy machine runs the risk of sinking which will be their biggest obstacle.

Storm Force want to build a mine whacker. A light-weight vehicle will carry a swatter on a pivot. Nails welded to the whacker will set off the mines. They plan to drive forward, stop and whack, repeating until they've run out of time. To drive their car, they're going to design a sand wheel. Essentially, the sand wheel will be two hubs welded together with metal paddles attached. Their problems are many. Can they find enough nails, will the sand paddle wheel thingys work, will the whacker be enough...
Storm Force expert
Richard Little
The Mulewrights expert
John Kilgower
Thsi is an example of the mines the
teams must detonate
Cathy gives Robert a visual of what
an exploding gunge mine looks like
Storm Force's mine swatter
The Mulewrights mine flail
Storm Force find a working VW
and immediately remove the roof
The Mulewrights find one-third of
their design
Don't try this at home
The judge this week is
John Hederington
Storm Force's radical sand-wheel
Richard, not the expert, looks long
and hard for nails
He finds a few but he's far short of
the 3,000 his team needs
Storm Force rethink their swatter and
change it to a plow-like design
Robert gives the pivot a go
The Mulewrights do some welding
in the final hour
Storm Force's mine plow
The Mulewrights massive flail

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