Part Two
Part one of the course, find as many
mines as possible
Part two, find the mammoth mine
before the other team
Oh dear, those paddle wheels only
dug a hole. Storm Force think that
by strapping their overalls to it might
give added traction
The Mulewrights go first and strike
first blood by finding a mine
Look at those flails go
Is it a sandstorm?
Uh oh their truck is dead.
Sand in the carburator of both engines
is bad news
Storm Force take an inspirational
huddle before taking to the beach
A slow start for Storm Force
They found one
Slow and steady might win this race
They deice to go for broke and just
gun their engine
Which worked about as well as
molasses in January
You can barely see the Mulewright's
flail for the sand
Storm Force try pushing to find
the mother of all mines
Amazingly, for a short period, the
sand wheels work
The Mulewrights search the beach
with no luck yet
Storm Force think they've found
it but are stuck and try throwing
stuff at it in an attempt to detonate
The Mulewrights strike first and
they go through to the semi-finals.