Part two
We knew sparks would fly between
the teams but...wow!
The Mules weld their prop assembly
in the dying minutes of the build
The Cat-alysts Hydrofoil
The Mulewrights cata-foil
It's a straight 1/8th of a mile from
start to finish
Collision at sea! Abandon ship!
Adandon ship! Oh, the humanity!!
The Cats a flying down the course
But the Mules are dead in the water
That foil is working great. Their time
is a flashy 1:19
The Mules scored a DNF. A dead
battery was their downfall.
The Mules are back under power...
for a very short time
The Catalysts are off to another
flying start...
...which ends abruptly. A siezed
drive shaft is their undoing
The Mules change their sparkplugs,
hoping that'll fix the problem
uh oh...it looks bad...
...it's terminal. The Mules say uncle
Your Series 4 runners-up,
The Mulewrights!
Your Series 4 champs,
The Cat-alysts!
insert Queen's "We Are the
Champions" here