It's the final! The Mulewrights hvae battled their way over cars, through sand and up hill and dale to face The Cat-alysts. The Cat-alysts sucked, carried and dug their way into the final....and what a final it is. The teams muct build, then race, hydrofoils. The building will be tough enough but, the race will be tougher. They will compete in three head-to-head races over an eight-of-a-mile course. The team that put up the fastest time is this series champion.

A hydrofoil is, esentially, a boat with underwater wings. The faster the boat goes, the water flows faster over the wings which provides lift (just like an airplane). Since the wing is attached to the boat, the lift pushes the boat out of the water. This reduces friction which enables the boat to go faster.

The Mulewrights are going for a twin-hulled design. Two pontoons will support an engine, the foils and a driver. With a beefy engine, they'll have a lot more power but will their weight be their undoing? Weight will be an issue along with finding an engine. Hmmm...sounds familiar.

The Cat-alysts are going for the featherweight division of hydrofoil racing. They'll mount a small engine onto a surfboard and put the lightest team member on as driver. They'll have less power but the low weight will help to equal things. Weight is their obvious issue as is figuring out a way to attach eberything to their surfboard...difficult welding fibreglass.....

Cat-alysts expert
Chris Plaass
Mulewrights expert
Sim Oakley
The Mulewrights' twin-hulled
catamaran hyrdofoil
The Cat-alysts are using a surfboard.
Ignore the upper drawing...please
Dude! You found a sailboard!
One of two kayaks for the Mules
Look familiar? This VW Beetle will
sacrifice it's engine to power the
Mules along
Look familiar? This wheel-less
Yamaha dirt bike will sacrifice...oh
you know the drill
The judge this week is
Martin Renilson
A sea of useless propellers. If you
don't have the right prop for the rotation
of your engine, your boat goes nowhere
The Mules expert makes his own
The Mules will also be using helicopter
blades to make their wings...if they
can cut them
Finally, the Cats find the right spin
prop for their anti-clockwise engine
An oil barrel gets sliced and diced
Oh dear. The Cats expert spent 2
hours making a prop that won't turn
the right way
The Cats make up a fancy drive
shaft to connect their engine to the
Is that a good fit?
Some last minute wrench turning

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