Street Cleaner

It's a race to see who will clean up for a chance at the semi-finals between The Cat-alysts and Scrapheap veterans the Chaos Crew. Each team will have to build a machien that will clean up the most debris strewn over a parking lot. All four team-members must stay on the vehicle, only getting off to empty their garbage hopper or to fix their machine. They will only have 30 minutes to collect as much of the garbage as they can while avoiding obstacles in the litter field. The team whose garbage bag(s) weigh the most, is the winner.

The Cat-alysts are going to try and suck as much as possible at this contest. They plan on building a giant vacuum on the back of a van. The most crucial piece of their machine will be the fan that provides the suction. It will have to be powerful enough to suck up debris and also be rugged enough to handle heavy bits too. If the fan breaks during the clean-up time, it could be a lop-sided victory for the other team.

The Chaos Crew, who lived up to their name last time, are building a machine like the threshers built in Series 3. A brush will push the garbage up a conveyor belt with "flights" (pieces of wood) that will carry the garbage up a chute and into a hopper. They'll need an engine for the belt and a sturdy truck to put it all on.
The Cat-alysts
l to r; Shane, Captain Garry & Tim
inset; Expert Martin Bremner
The Chaos Crew
l to r; John, Captain Andy & Spike
inset; Expert Mike Hasler
The Cat-alysts heavy hoover
The Chaos Crews Sweep-o-matic
Tim needed to drive through the
opposing teams work area
This van will be the basis of the
Cat-alysts design
The Scrapheap standard Land Rover
works for the Chaos Crew... will this old conveyor belt
This is the easy way to put a window
in a van
Unfortunately, the Chaos Crew's Landy
has a leaky gas tank, spilling 5 gallons
of gas on the ground
The only way to fix a leaking gas tank
is to cut it out!
Judge Rodger Hoadley
The Chaos Crew go through 6 batteries
before finding a good one
The Cat-alysts take a 5 minute break
to square things away
Not being able to find a proper fan,
they merely make their own
To save on a 2nd engine, the Chaos Crew
will hook this axle to the rear drive of their
4 wheel drive vehicle
This fan has to work for the team to have
a chance at winning.
The Chaos Crew attach the flights to the
belt so it will carry the garbage up

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