Street Cleaner
Part Two
The Chaos Crew's sweeper
The Cat-alysts sucker
Cathy sits on an obstacle in the middle
of the "course"
Cathy is ready to start the teams off
with a wave of her checkered flag
Wow, does that machine suck!!
The sweeper isn't doing much sweeping.
The garbage is getting caught under
the chute
More sucking by the Cat-alysts expert
The Cat-alysts are now sucking up
the gravel under the garbage. It's much
heavier but could also damage their fan.
The Chaos Crew expertly avoid this 
More sweeping
The Chaos Crew unload one hopper full
of garbage
Uh oh! A tear in their convetor belt
might spell disaster
Oops! The teams crash into each other
to Cathy's surprise (and delight!)
The Chaos Crew unload their 2nd
hopper of garbage at the end of the 30
The Cat-alysts do the same
By a whisker, the Cat-alysts advance!