This is the strangest competition they've devised. The teams of the Techno Teachers & the Manic Mechanics must build a windmill to grind coffee beans. The show has provided the coffee grinders and the beans and Mother Nature will supply the power. They will have one hour to grind as much coffee as possible. The teams that grinds the heavier lot of coffee will advance in the tournament.

Two teams, two different designs. The Manic Mechanics will be building a conventional windmill. Fan blades, mounted to a central hub will spin, driving a shaft which has the grinder attached at the other end. The problem is that this will only work if the wind blows in one direction. Otherwise, they have to move the whole assembly which will cost them grind time.

The Techno Teachers will make a horizontally spinning windmill. Two aerofoils (Ie wings) attached to a frame will spin in a circle instead to taking off. Remember aerofoils? Air flows faster over the curved surface and the change in air pressure creates lift, or in this case rotation. The benefit is that this will work if the wind blows from any direction.

The Manic Mechanics
l to r: captain Tony, Wayne, Chris &
expert Jim Barr
The Techno Teachers
clockwise: captain Tim, Andrew & Juliet
Their expert is Giles Pearson
The judge is Gordon Provam
The Manics will use the axle from the
rear of this car for their windmill
Oops! They miscalculated the length
of their support base
Back to the grind I see
Those spokes will help support the
Manics fan blades
Not the kind of drill your
dentist uses I hope
It rained hard during the build time.
Robert & Cathy talk for a moment
Those are the blades for the windmill,
made from fridge sides
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