I wonder if Robert ran around yelling "The Americans are coming!! The Americans are coming!!"? In a scrapheap first America invades the scrapheap as the New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society (The NERDS) take on the Dipsticks in an underwater challenge. They must build a 2 person submarine and navigate a course, scoring points for avoiding obstacles and passing through gates.

Real submarines pump water into ballast tanks to sink and pump water out to float. When a submarine (or any other object) is completely submersed it's said to be negatively buoyant. If it floats, it's positively bouyant. Our teams will have to finda balance between sitting on the bottom and floating on the top. Also, their engine will pretty much need to be sealed off or else it won't spark.

The Dipsticks
clockwise: captain Mike, Rich, Iain &
expert Hugh Williams
clockwise: captain Crash, Geo, Jeff &
expert Duncan Maycroft
Look, a perfect subamrine shape for
the Dipsticks...or is it?
Our judge is Steph Marry
That tube is the crux of the NERDS
diver tug
Geo consults with their expert, Duncan
Engine work & a balancing act
Is duct tape really that water-proof?
Cathy & Robert go for a ride in the
Dipsticks' submarine
How is it Geo?
A bit of welding from the Dipsticks
The Dipsticks add more foam for 
more bouyancy
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