This week, a trio of vicars called 3 Revs a Minute will face the Mothers of Invention building bombers. They will have to build a remote control flying machine that will drop a paint bomb onto a bullseye, also remotely controlled. Who ever gets their bomb to drop closest to the bullseye, with only 3 tries, is the winner.

3 Revs a Minute will build a conventional plane. As we remember from the 2nd series Glider episode, wing design will be the most crucial. A proper wing shape forces the air flowing over the top to move faster than it will across the bottom. This creates a differnece in air pressure and, voila, you have lift.

The Mothers will be building a blimp. They'll need a material that is light but will hold the helium very well, regular plastics won't do. The aerodynamics won't be much of a consideration but they will be more at the mercy of the wind if their steering fans don't work too well.

3 Revs a Minute
l to r: captain Chris, Steve & Jeremy
inset: expert Howard Pore
The Mothers of Invention
l to r: Diana, Matt, captain Will
inset: expert William Ives
Cathy looks on a Robert announces
the challenge. Nice tuxedo Robert.
That plastic won't hold helium for very
Captain Chris of 3 Revs gets some
first aid for a nasty cut
Mylar, aluminum coated plastic, is just
the thing for blimp making
Two of Junkyard's fans. Actually, they'll
be used to power the blimp
The judge this week is high-flyer
Don Cameron
The styrofoam wings are shaped with
sanding blocks
They're using an iron to "weld" the pieces
of mylar together
The payload. A paint bomb.
3 Revs creation, 'Lazarus'
Um...kind of boxy for a blimp, isn't it?
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