In this, the first episode of the first series, the Oranges and the Yellows have 10 hours to build a siege machine.  Each team will make as many shots as they can in 15 minutes at the opposing teams castle. They will be launching cabbages and turnips at the castle trying to rack up as many points as possible. However, if either team can hit the prince standing in the window of the castle, it's an automatic win.

The yellows are building a trebuchet (treh-buh-chez). A trebuchet works on a similar principle as a see-saw. A weight on one end of a fulcrum (balance point) drops down which brings the opposite end of the "see saw" into the air. The vegetarian-friendly missiles will need to be in a sling to be released properly. They'll need to make sure the heavy end is heavy ehough (but not too heavy). Aiming might be a problem too.

The oranges are going to try their luck with a typr of catapult called a langanelle. In essence, a rope at the bottom of a firing arm is wound tight and the arm winched down. A trigger rope is pulled and the arm snaps upright. It's stopped by a cross beam and the ammo is thrown forward. Getting the rope tight enough and aiming will be problematic.
The Yellow Expert
Don Mansfield
The Orange Expert
Paul Harrington
A small scale trebuchet
A miniature catapult
Major Dick addresses the troops
This iron frame-work will support
the yellow's trebuchet
Whoa! Slow down!
Unbraiding that rope isn't necessary
Wow! That trebuchet looks almost
Ummm? Is your hole big enough?
Lest I forget the judge,
Julie Douglas
Look out Mr Cameraman!

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