Power Boat

It's crunch time for the Oranges. They have to win the next 2 challenges to tie the series and save face. This week's challenge has the teams building a boat that will transport each teammember, one at a time, from an island to a floating dock. The first team to transport all 3 'castaways' to the home base, wins.

The Oranges will be undertaking a catamaran design. A motor will drive a propeller that will push them through the water. The propeller pulls water towards it and pushes it out the back, giving it forward movement. A catamaran is a boat with 2 pontoons and a deck connecting the two which gives the "crew" a place to stand.

The Yellows were going to make a boat and prop but decided to keep only the boat. Their propulsion system will come from a jet ski. A pump pulls water into a pipe and through a propeller which flings the water out the back through an "exhaust pipe". It's a fast system but tricky to build.
The Yellow Expert
Lawrence Newing
The Orange Expert
Richard Yemm
Let's play...
Pick!  Your!  Prop!
That is a large engine Yellow...
For finding a propeller, Dave
gets a kiss
Our judge is
Tim Barkley
This jetski half will provide
the VROOM for their boat
One of two pontoons for Orange
Robert & the judge play with their
bath toys
Shen shows why he is a cut above
the rest
The Yellows do some engine
A rudder built from a bicycle
handlebar and a piece of wood
Dick does an impression of
Nurse Ratchet
Is there supposed to be water in
the boat?

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