Diving Challenge

With the series tied at one-all, both teams must rescue a treasure of gold bars at the bottom of a giant fish tank in this weeks challenge. Each team muct construct a diving helmet-type device and then come up with a way to pump air down to their expert. The experts, trained in diving, will have to open a small treasure chest (that is very well locked down), put 3 bars of gold into a bag and float the whole lot to the surface.

The Yellow's are building a diving bell and a double piston pump. The bell is basically an oil drum turned upside down with a window. The air trapped in the top of the oil drum will provide space for the air that they will pump down. Their pump will have a piston (two really) that works by a plunger that pushes air down a sylinder and out through a valve at the bottom. When that piston is drawn up, its cylinder fills with air. On the other side of the pump, the opposite happens. In short, the two pistons will provide a continuous flow of air down to the diver.

The Oranges are going with a traditional diving helmet and 2 pump designs. Their first design was a bellows system.  When the bellows are opened, it fills with air through a valve at the top. When closed, the air exits through a small nozzle, pressurizing it. However, that design didn't quite work so they went with a human powered air compressor. Air is sucked into the puimp nad forced through a series of pistons, compressing the air and forcing it down the tube ot the diver.
The Yellow Expert
Russell Mitchell
The Orange Expert
Harvey Porrett
Rob does an impression of a conger.
Eel, not Darva (although the
similarities are striking)
Major Dick has no idea what it is
but he likes it. He really likes it!
Will that work as a diving helmet
Our judge, Mark. I don't know his
last name, my tape hiccupped.
It isn't actually radioactive material.
The symbol isn't exactly right.
This fire extinguisher will make an
excellent piston
These bellows aren't looking
very healthy
Ahoy matey!
Kali goes for a dip to see if their
diving bell leaks
Bowser rips the cover off of that
The Orange expert check for
leaks as well
This is a recognized diving signal.
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