Wheelie Cars
 part two
The Reds get their Gremlin
to pop with no problem
They negotiate the hair-pin with
no problems and making good time
Doyle crosses the line in only
32 seconds! Tough time to beat
The Helldorado is up off
the line. No problem
A little slow around the corner
but steady nonetheless
They are outta control! 27s plus
5s in penalties means a 32s tie!
The Gremlin pulls a mean wheelie...
they can see through a hole cut into
the bottom of the car
Oh dear! They've lost control
of the car and it looks like it's
down on four wheels
Ooh! A minor crash and they are
DQed for coming to a stop
The Blues have to beat 32s to
be the outright winners
Jason is taking it easy around
the course...
He crosses the finish line in
35 seconds...we're off to tiebreak!
Liam is driving for blue
and he looks good off the line
Woah! The tire bent, sending
Liam into the wall at top speed
Jason stabilizes his neck as the
medic rushes in. He's OK and
managed to cross the finish line
It comes down to this 100 yard
dash. If the Reds can beat the
Blues, they win the series
Doyle flew down the course
in full wheelie-motion
He crashes down with a time of
13.36 seconds....
But it's not enough to beat 9.43s!
The Blue team are your winners!!