Wheelie Cars

For the finale, Colonel Dick and Hackett will be commissioned to build and race cars that travel primarily on two wheels. Once the cars are up, they cannot come to a stop until they cross the finish line. There are two runs along the same course. The first part is a 100 yard straight away. Once they're down the track, they must make a hair-pin left turn and navigate a slalom through 3 gates. Fastest time after the two runs, wins. If, for some reason they need a tie break, it will be one final 100 yard dash to determine the winner. Time spent on four wheels or missed gates will incur a time penalty.

To get it up, Hackett wants his team to remove the engine from a car and mount it in the back. Shifting the bulk of the weight to the rear will make it easier to get the car up on two wheels but you've lost steering. To steer, they will independently brake the rear wheels. Moving an engine is not an easy task...getting all of the mechanical elements in place won't be simple either. Wheelie bars at the back should keep the car from flipping over.

Colonel Dick is going with a unique approach. His team will chop the back off of a car and mount a boat trailer under the front bumper. This will put most of the weight over the back axles (the front axles of the car) of the machine. With a rear-heavy car, it should be easy to pop it up (not unlike Hackett's car). They'll add wheelie bars also to keep it from flipping all the way over. It's straightforward enough but will the team gel and stick with the plan?

The Red Team
Doyle, Johnny and Chico
The Blue Team
Jason, Monk and Liam
Hackett's Wheelie Poppin Design
Col Dick's Half Wheelie Car 
Col Dick is using half of this
classic Cadillac Eldorado
Hackett will be using an
AMC Gremlin
To make the car back heavy, they
embark on lightening the front
The easy way to split a Cadillac
is with the plasma cutter
The engine is being moved so it
is forced to come out
A wheelie bar (to prevent backflips)
and roll cage is installed on the Eldo
The rear axle of the Gremlin isn't strong
enough so they grab this truck axle
For the front, this jet-ski trailer
makes this a Traildorado
For aesthetics (and balance), the front
panels of the Caddy are remounted
These supports will hold the engine
to the rear of the Gremlin
The Gremlin receives its new
rear assembly...making it uglier
(if that's even possible!)
The Blue's "Helldorado"
The Red's Groovy Gremlin
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