Drag Boats

The speedy challenge presented to Col Dick and Hackett in this show is to build go-fast boats. In the 10 hours allotted to them, they and their teams will be building boats that will drag-race down a 200 yard "track" on a lake. The team whose boat travels the 200 yards in the shortest amount of time wins. Also, the teams will each have two tries to get their boat across the finish line.

Colonel Dick and his Blue Team are going with a tried and true design. A big car engine will turn a propeller. Simple as that. However, to go fast, they will need to float the large engine (and lightweight stuff in the junkyard isn't exactly a common find). Also they will need to find a propeller that will make the most of their engine...with a myriad of props, this may not be easy to do. The other prop concern is that it turns in the right direction to push them through the water, other wise they will either make a lot of froth or go backwards!

Hackett and the Reds have a cunning plan in mind. To achieve planing (going fast enough that the hull of the boat skims across the top of the water instead of trying to cut through it) they will build and mount a jet-engine on the back. Gas (propane in this case) is ignited in a combustion chamber and the exhaust gases are blown out of a lower tube, providing thrust. The vacuum created by the explosion, sucks air in from the back to mix with the propane. Repeat many times a second and you have an engine with no moving parts. Obviously, this is extremely complicated...and dangerous!
Col Dick's Blue Team
Brandon, Deb & Cliff
Hackett's Red Team
Heather, Monk & Jared
The blue's are building a
V8 powered boat
Hackett and his jet-propelled
ship of dreams
Deb hurt her hand and is off to the
hospital first thing in the day
The others are out and have some
major props for the Colonel
This boat is just too big
for their purposes
After bringing back the wrong metal,
Hackett loves this stainless steel
For a hull, this roller coaster car
will have to do the trick
Working too hard has given Jared
a severe case of dehydration
For Hackett's hull, the roof from a
horse trailer will suit them well
The Colonel's troops report
back with his 302 V8 engine
Heather uses a plasma cutter to make
the pieces of the jet tubing
The oil pan on the V8 had a hole
in it, so they repair it as best they can
Heather welds the stainless together.
Stainless steel is the only metal in the
junkyard strong enough to withstand
the extreme heat the jet will produce

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