Drag Boats
part two
Since they can't weld the prop
to the shaft, they bolt it in place
The trailer roof needs some added
sides to keep the water out and
to add more strength
Hackett's Jet Boat
Col Dick's Prop Boat
The course is a straight line
drag race of 200 yards
Hackett fires up the jet with a leaf
blower to get air moving in the chamber
The engin is stuck in idle as 
Heather roars up the course
With the valve stuck partly shut,
they managed a time of 1:47
Col Dick's boat roars off
with a wash of foam...
...but it's dead in the water and the 
only place it's going is down
The nut nd bolt holding the prop on 
has come loose and needs to be fixed
The valve is fixed and the red's are
off to a flying start and looking good
The pipe is glowing red hot 
as they storm up the course
With a blast of exhaust, they cross
the line in an even quicker 1:21
Col Dick's boat is planing...they
might do it even faster!
Oh no! The rudder has come loose
and they're stuck doing donuts.
The red team wins!