Assault Vehicles

The task at hand is for the teams to construct an all-terrain vehicle that is capable of driving over various obstacles (logs, loose sand, boulders) to save their team captain. The captains are chained in the middle of the course and must be cut free once the vehicles reach them. Once the captain is on-board and all team members are strapped in, the vehicles continue towards the finish line. The finish line just happens to be a brick wall which they must smash through and get all of the vehicle across.

Hackett wants a big, rugged vehicle. A van with a large engine will easily carry the team but the addition of large, spiked wheels should be able to get them through, across and over any obstacle in their path. To get the wheels to turn slower and provide more power, they will attach a second transmission to the rear axle. Finding something with a good engine may be tough enough but trying to find a second, good transmission (in a junkyard) could be their undoing.

Col Dick is sticking with what he knows by building a half-track. A sturdy truck will provide the power and steering at the front but the rear will get a second, inclined axle. The rear wheels and second axle wheels will be surrounded by tracks which will provide plenty of traction. Also, being slightly angled, it might keep them from getting stuck on an obstacle (high centered). Getting this all put together will require Col Dick's team up to the challenge?

The Blue Team
Chico, Jason, Johnny
The Red Team
Heather, Trinny, One
Col Dick's Half-track
Hackett's Big Wheeler
How fortunate! Pre-made tracks
just ripe for the picking
The read team has a bread van
as the base of their ATV
The axle from this trailer will be great 
as the 2nd axle on the half-track
Once the bed is off the truck, the
troops plan where the 2nd axle goes
The building can begin now that
they have a second transmission
Chico gets daring and steals
a wheel from the red team
To make the wheels fit the axle, they
need to cut out and attach new hubs
Chico has the team enthralled
with this guitar playing and singing
The treads are now attached and
they can work on the final details
To get the tractor rims to attach,
they weld the old rims to the new
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