Assault Vehicles
part two
To get through the brick wall, the
reds add a "cow catcher"
For better traction in the sand, the
red team welds spikes to the hubs
Col Dick's HalfTrak
Hackett's Assault Ladybug
The teams are off to a start
The Blues are in the lead
Uh oh, the reds are having problems
Meantime, the blues free Col Dick
Col Dick straps in while the
reds sit in the background
The universal joint has sheared meaning
no power is getting to the rear wheels
The Blue team powers through the
rest of the course with ease
Trinny weld the U-joint back together
and the reds are ready to go again
Blue is through the wall but the bricks
have landed in the engine causing some
damage...can they recover?
The reds are on the move again and
are staging somewhat of a comeback
albeit a slow and steady one
But the blue's have repaired their
engine and gone the final few feet
sewing up their victory!