Autumn is almost upon us and it's time to harvest the crops. Farmers Crash and Bowser have been given the task of bringing in this years fall bounty. In 10 hours, they have to build a machine capable to cutting wheat and storing it in/on their machine. They will each be given an identical plot of land to mow and 30 minutes to make the most of the crop. The team with the heaviest load wins.

Bowser plans on building a wheat vac. A chain, attached to an axle, welded directly to the engine of a van will provide the cutting tool. With a spout mounted over the cutting head and a fan on top of the van to provide suction, he hopes to fill his truck with plenty of wheat. This is actually very straightforward and the only hindrance might be finding a fan to provide sufficient suction.

Crash is thinking of his lawn. A group of mowers mounted to an angled bar on the back of a van will both cut the wheat and fling it into the back of his van. Again, this is pretty simple but they have to find working mowers and a LOT of luck that the wheat will indeed be flung into the van and not all over the place. Finding a working vehicle might prove tough too.

Bowser's Team
Crusher, Kiki and Doc
Crash's Team
Chopper Rat, Sig and Johnny
Bowser wants to build a
hoover for hay
Crash's design is a bunch of mowers
welded to the back of a truck
This ducting will make up the
transport system for the wheat
Crash will need as many mowers
as his team can rustle up
This hovercraft fan and engine will
provide the sucking power
Crash's team want to bring in this
Ford F250 as a vehicle
Bowser's team has found
a five-ton cube van
Some wiring problems with the engine
is putting a stop to any suck
The F250 was toast so they opt
for this van...also a Ford
Bowser has fed the ductwork
through the cab of the truck
This axle, when mounted to the
engine will do all of the cutting
An adapter plate will make fitting
the axle just that much easier
Crash's van has hydrolock. The
cylinder has filled with gas and is 
preventing the piston from moving
Crash's team has the mowers
mounted the the van. They pivot so 
they can adjust the cutting profile
Doc shows Rossi how the fan
is mounted at the top of the van
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