part two
The gas wasn't totally dry and a
spark set Chopper Rat on fire!
Fully recovered, Chopper Rat
kicks a window out of the van
Bowser's Barley Bagger
Crash's Crop Cutter
The mighty Field of Dreams
Crash is off the line but Bowser
is having engine troubles
Bowser's vacuum is working
Doesn't look like much wheat is
being flung into the back of the van
To help seal the van up, Crash and
the team have shed their clothes to
use as patches
Bowser's vacuu-van has overheated
and is going through a lot of 
transmission fluid. Doesn't look good
Bowser and the boys have resorted
to pushing their beast along
Amber waves of grain are no
match for the mower van
The truck is running again 
but time is running out
Bowser empties his van as Crash
does the same at the scales
Amazingly Crash's team pulls
out the victory!