part two
The frame of the crawler starts
coming together
The hydraulic pump will power Bowser's
two hydraulic motors to turn the screws
Somewhere, in this tangle of wires,
is the reason the engine won't start
or so they think
Crash is of the mind that by adding
carpet to the wheels will increase
traction in the snow
A trailer is hastily made in the
dying minutes of build day
Crash's Carpet-Wheeled Cart
Bowser's Bonkers Snow Screw
Bowser's team awards him an Oscar
for 'Best Boss'
Crash's cars are off but one is digging
in too much so they abandon it
The logs get loaded after pushing
the one car up the hill
The trip down is much easier
Totaly wiped out, they get 8 logs back
Bowser's crawler needs a little
help getting to the start line
They rev the engine to build pressure
in the hydraulic system
But it doesn't work and they
never leave the start line
This time, Crash's team are using
both cars to tow one sled
This works a treat but one gets
stuck at the top, so they leave it
Another fairly easy trip back,
this time with 14 logs
To reduce drag, they cut
the screw flanges down
Carlos is riding alone to reduce
weight but it;s going nowhere
Bowser tells him to shut it down. Hydraulics
fail again and Crash's team picks up the win