It's a chilly day on Mount Junkyard...we need a fire to keep ourselves warm. Well, fortunately we have our teams to the rescue. Each team will build a machine that can go up a snow-covered incline and bring logs back to the start line to be off-loaded into a holding pen. There are some obstacles to overcome, like the slope some hidden rocks and a large patch of soft, kind of slushy snow. Racing only against the clock, not each other, they have 2 attempts to bring as many logs as they can back down the slope but only the run that netted them the most logs will count.

Crash's team are going the traditional route. They'll take a small, light front-wheel drive vehicle and cut it in half. By adding larger, wider wheels (oil drums) to the front tires, it will increase surface area which should give them better traction. It will tow a sled carrying the logs. It'll be light but only able to carry a few logs at a time. IT will need to work prefectly if they want to make multiple trips, like they plan.

Bowser has a mad-cap idea. He wants to build a support structure and hang an engine underneath it. The team will sit on top of the vehicle and control hydraulic pumps which will turn...large screws on either side of the machine, pulling them along. The screws will turn in opposite directions to move them forward. It's a slow, heavy, complicated machine. They need a massive engine for it to work properly. The upside is that it will carry all of the team members and logs in one trip.

Bowser's Team, from top left
Carlos, Dickie and Gabriel
Crash's Team, from top left
Kurt, Mike and Rosanna
Bower wants to build a wacky
snow crawler
Crash has the simple solution.
1/2 a car...only bested by...
*2* machines. First time ever, they
are building 2 sled towers
Oil barrels are crucial for both
team's snow-bound plans
Bowser hopes this Suzuki's 4 cylinder
66hp engine is up to the job
Um...forget a hose boys? Perhaps
a coolant cocktail?
Crash has not one...
...but 2 Honda Civics
The easy way to rip a car in half,
hook it to your quadbike
Bowser wants similar differentials so his
screws turn at the same speed
Garbage Guru Greg Bryant
Crash has fashioned a trailer hitch
How many people does it take to
fix a rip in a pair of pants?
To attach the barrels to the Hondas,
they weld them to the hub of the tires
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