Precision Shooting
part two
Crash's Crazy Cannons
Bowser's Balloon Basher
They have to race around this course
and pop as many balloons as they can
Crash and company are ready
and raring to get going
The Discs of Death aren't working
very well so they give up on it
The air cannon is proving very
useful and they are scoring big
Another balloon bites the dust
for a total score of 12 points
Rossi and Greg give Bowser the
signal to start his engine
The catapult isn't working well
Aiming the air gun is problematic too
But Bowser prevails and is popping
He gets another for 9 balloons popped
Right off the start of Run 2, Crash
blows and air hose and they take a
time-out to fix the problem
Looking down the barrel of
the air gun and they've improved
popping 20 balloons
Bowser and his team will have
their work cut out for them
He takes out 2 balloons quickly
But there is a problem with the
compressor and the PSIs in the tank
The compressor is toast and Bowser
calls it quits. Crash's team wins!