Precision Shooting

Crash and Bowser will have to be on target in this challenge. Their vehicles will have to be able to shoot mylar balloons out of the sky as they drive around a dirt road course. They will have 5 minutes to shoot as many balloons down as they can with whatever devices they build. The team with the most balloons popped in either of two runs wins the challenge. Ready...Aim...Fire!

Crash thinks a giant crossbow, air cannon and disc-flinger will do the job. The cross-bow will require car springs which are easy to find but this design hasn't worked before. The air cannon will require good pipe for a barrel and some special valves for releasing the air. It will also need some sort of compressor to store the air. The disc flinger is sort of complicated but is, in essence, a baseball pitching machine that shoots a steel frisbee.

Bowser also wants an air cannon, which means he'll have to fight Crash for valves, pipe and a compressor. Bowser will be making his own air storage system which will take time to build. He is also going to make a spring loaded catapult. Two I-beams will ping a trolley forward with garage door springs. It's not exactly complicated but time consuming. Will two systems be enough?

Crash's Team 
Mike, Rosanna and Kurt
Bowser's Team 
Dickie, Gus and Sparky
Crash's crossbow and air gun
Bowser will load his stuff on a truck
Mike and Gus each claim the truck.
Bowser relents and let's Mike have it
This mower will power a
compressor to fill their air tank
The mower will be the power
source for this compressor
Crash, will use an A/C unit directly
connected to his truck's V8...
...which will fill this pre-built
air tank to save plenty of time
Early in the day, Bowser has an air
gun but nothing to mount it to
This motorcycle will power the
flying discs of death... mounting the wheels above one
another like a pitching machine
Crash's crossbow doesn't work
very well so it gets the shop
The garage door springs will 'ping' a
trolley forward, pushing a projectile
Finally, quite late in the day,
Bowser gets his truck
Kurt welds a gimble mount Rosanna
made to the disc flinger
The air cannon falls off the truck
and Bowser tries to catch it
Crash uses a form and cutting torch
to make their discs of death
Bowser was given a Mercedes
hood ornament to use as a sight
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