Rock Crawlers
part two
Bowser's Barmy Bomber
Crash's Crafty Crawler
The course has a turn at the top
Not far off the line, Crash's team get
bogged down in the sand
Using ropes is very much allowed
Unfortunately, they didn't get far
Bowser's team use one of their ramps
to get them over a sandy spot
They get over some rocks as
quickly as possible
Oh! So close yet so far!
Crash's team opts for the rocky
path up the mountain
They almost tip over trying to get
around the turn at the top football, this
contest is a game of inches
Bowser's team goes for it
But a myriad of problems, like losing
1st gear and the throttle cable...
...rolls them back 40 feet 
from the start
Crash's team has a chance if they
can stay relatively mistake free
Thet turn has almost got them
tipped over again
They finish! The only way for Bowser
to win is to finish faster
With nothing to lose,
they're going all out
Those rocks are no match for
this crawling beast
Bowser's boys make it around faster
and they pick up the win!