Rock Crawlers

Like Everest to Hilary, Mount Megawars calls to Bowser and Crash. Their task is to create a car or truck of some sort that will crawl up a mountian and across a finish line. There are two options for paths they can take...a rocky path or a more sandy path. They will be timed so the fastest team acrss the finish line wins. If neither team crosses the finish line, the win goes to the team who went the farthest. Both teams will have 3 tries to scale the mountain. The teams will be allowed to assist their vehicles with ropes, ramps and jacks...the only things they can remove from the vehicles.

Crash is thinking about torque. His team will take a light truck and turn it into a four-wheel drive by attaching a golf cart motor to the front and back. These motors won't be fast but they will be powerful and should turn the wheels through and over most obstacles as long as they are accompanied with good wheels. Electirc motors are going to need batteries...plenty of good batteries which aren't exactly growing on trees in the junkyard. Proper tires might be a problem too.

Bowser wants Flower Power to get up the hill. Using the engine and drivetrain from a VW Microbus, his team will go for the gusto and power their way across the finish line. Getting their hands on a good set of rock crawling tires could prove difficult, especially with the other team looking for them too. By stripping the van and building a chassis, they will essentially be building a car from scratch...not the easiest thing to do in 10 hours.

Bowser's Team
Gus, Dickie and Sparky
Crash's Team
Pat, Chopper Rat and Shane
Bowser's cutom crawler design
Crash will stay ready-made
Bowser's already got some very
smart looking knobby tires
The motor out of this golf cart 
will provide lots of power
Far out Bowser..a VW Microbus
Crash is using this Suzuki Samurai
Which doesn't have a transfer case!
That would put the power to all 
four wheels making crawling easier
Crash had wanted to use sprockets
and chains to connect the motors to
the axles but...
...they attached them directly instead
The tires don't fit so they fabricate
new wheel hubs
This tube will be the spine of the
vehicle and allow the front axle
to pivot side to side
Crash's team have found better tires
but they are only slightly better than
the bald ones they took off
Bowser brings in part of their
all important rollcage
These will make excellent ramps
for providing a flat surface
Bowser demonstrates the pivoting
action I mentioned earlier
The electrics are crucial for Crash.
One wrong wire and the motors
could burn out or blow up
He's got the power
Now you know why he's called Crash
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