Laundry Launchers
part two
The Super Chargers'
Chunky Catapult of Calamity
The High Flyers'
Truly Tremendous Trebuchet
The High Flyers are first and the
safety guy gives the all clear
It's up and... 48 feet, It's Good!!
The Super Chargers are ready and
they load up for shot #1
However, slack in the wire is a no go.
The High Flyers add more weight and
adjust their hook for more distance
It flies through the air with the
greatest of ease...
Kapow! It lands solidly and lands
69 feet from the start
The catapult is ready for try #2
and a little more action but no distance
It's primed and the safety tech
scurries away
Oh! It hits the 2nd one and rolls for
quite a distance but the rolling doesn't
count. It flew 72 feet through the air
For the final attempt, the Super Chargers
are just going to pull it back and let fly.
The frame twisted under the enormous
pressures of the arm being drawn back
And it flies...for 1 foot.
The High Flyers win it!